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Nap time made easy

Peace of mind with nap-time made easy

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peace of mind

Notice the time

When we started creating our sleepmats it was because we knew that it’s hard enough for parents to get their children out the door in one piece, let alone with an armful of sleeping supplies. That’s when an easy solution for nap-time mayhem was birthed...  Find out more

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sleeping genius at work

Made with your little ones in mind

If you’re the kind of parent who encourages their children to forge through this life on their own terms, then you’re not alone. Kozy Koala Sleepmats are especially designed with your child in mind. Other sleep mats are designed so that you have to tie and untie them, creating more Mummy-can-you-help-me’s than you signed up for. Kozy Koala’s Sleepmats are specifically designed for you to be completely hands off. Your kids can roll and unroll their own Sleepmats, which not only encourages independence, but creates less work for you. Our sleepmats also come with an attached lightweight sheet and removable fleece blanket, making them perfect for year-round use.


truly portable sleeping solutions

Child friendly design

positive sleep ASSOCIATION

beautiful colours and patterns

kids GENUINELY love them


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creating more time for you

Child care centre solutions

It doesn’t matter how much you love working with kids, you’re always going to enjoy the peace and quiet that comes with nap-time. Why not simplify the process with Kozy Koala Sleepmats, to get those kids off to the land-of-nod sooner? Just think of how many more minutes you can savour with sleeping supplies that are simple to set-up, pack away and save space. See the full list of products here.

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Here at Kozy Koala we pride ourselves on understanding our client’s needs. We know that you need a high quality product which will survive the active life of energetic kids. With high quality materials and built-to-last stitching, you can rest assured knowing our product will last the distance.

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kid tested
and approved

There is nothing worse than buying a product for your kids, and finding the packaging entertains them more than what’s enclosed. Lucky for you our products have been tested on real kids, and we’ve found they genuinely love spending time snuggled up in our sleeping mats.

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make your
life simpler

When kids are young, they are not always the angels we wish they would be. That’s why if there’s even one thing you can simplify in your routine - it can help the day run more smoothly. Our mats are specially designed so that kids can roll and unroll the mats themselves - winning.

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made easy

From sticky to icky, aren’t kids the best at getting gross stuff on just about everything? That’s why Kozy Koala Sleepmats are designed to easily zip apart, so you don’t always have to wash the whole thing every time you get out the smashed avo. Or you can just chuck the whole thing in.

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Aussie aussie aussie

Proudly Australian owned


We are a small business located in sunny Queensland, Australia. We are extremely proud of the fact that we are able to ship our beautiful products world-wide.

We have been using Kozy Koala sleeping bags at our Early Childhood Centre for the last 7 years. Our families love the convenience of the sleep mats as well as how each child has their own beds which they feel is very hygienic for their child. The educators at the centre love how easy the beds are to pack away and store. I would highly recommend Kelly’s professional and quick service and delivery.
— Angela, Liverpool School for Early Learning
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